FESI (Ferrosilicon 73%)

Ferrosilicon (FeSi) is an alloy of silicon and iron, a product produced by DMS Powders. DMS Powders supplies milled and atomised ferrosilicon powders specifically for use in the Dense Media Separation of Diamonds. This process involves the application of ferrosilicon powders, in order to separate diamonds from diamond-bearing material.

Ferrosilicon is known to possess good resistance to abrasion, good resistance to corrosion, high specific gravity and high magnetism which allows easy magnetic recovery. The melting point and density of ferrosilicon depends on its silicon content and it is available at a low cost.

Uses of ferrosilicon include

Ferrosilicon is used in deoxidizing steel as well as other ferrous alloys. This helps to prevent loss of carbon from molten steel.

This alloy is also used in the manufacturing of other ferroalloys.

Ferrosilicon is extensively used in the metallurgical industry for the processes of atomization, casting, melting and heavy media separation reactions.

The alloy is used as a basic raw material for inoculation, adjusting, suspending, mineral processing and in the melting rod industry. It is also used for deoxidization and coating in steel melting.

Ferrosilicon is used as a source of pure silicon in the electric industry.

It is used to manufacture silicon copper in the chemical industry.

Ferrosilicon is used in the manufacturing of semiconductors.

It is used for making silicon steel that are used in transformer cores and electromotors.

Ferrosilicon is also sometimes used as a component in electrode coatings for arc welding.

It is used as a source of silicon as well as to produce high-temperature resistant and corrosion-resistant ferrous silicon alloys.
Magnesium ferrosilicon is used for modifying molten malleable iron.

Ferrosilicon is used in the manufacturing of Magnesium ferrosilicon and other similar pre-alloys.

Ferrosilicon is an important component in Pidgeon process. In this process, magnesium can be derived from dolomite.

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