Olives & Pickles

Olive is a tree, people use the oil from the fruit and seeds and the leaves to make medicine. Olive oil is also used to prevent heart attack, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, ovarian cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and migraine headache.

We are exporting many kinds of tinned packed olives as below:

-Whole Black Kalamata Olives.

-Whole Black Olives.

-Sliced Black Olives.

-Whole Green Olive with pepper

-Sliced Green Olives

-Cracked Green Olives.

-Cracked Green Olives with pepper & Lemon.

-Cracked Green Olives with Olive oil.

-Minced Olives & minced lemon.

-Salad Olives.

-Whole Green Kalamata Olives.

-Whole Green Olives.

-Whole Green Kalamata Olives.

-Whole Green Olives with Mixture.


We are exporting different kinds of pickles as below:

-Grape leave

-Pepper Chilies

-Pepper pure

-Mexican Pepper




-Mix Vegetables

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